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Our Team specializes in Escape Room Design since 2013 and is composed of Engineers and Designers. We are experienced in story conception and development, project and riddle design and construction supervision. While proposing new stories and ideas is our prefered working style, we can also develop and fine tune your own ideas.

Our stories and riddles are 100% original and created for each individual storyline.

We do not use generic riddles, do not provide the same design in more than one customers, while we provide a unique backround soundtrack for each individual room.



Get Started

Following the title, we provide you with the basis of the storyline, the flowchart and an overview of the riddles of the Escape Room.

Riddle Me That

This package adds to the Get Started Package, offering analytical riddle description and flowchart of the Escape Room.

Do It Yourself

Our Best Seller. We provide you with a full Package, so you can built your own Escape Room from scratch. 

ZeroToHero Service

VIP service consisting of designing all of the project's aspects, visiting your site and supervising the construction of the Escape Room. 

Corporate Events & Team Building

Do you want an amazing, custom, team bonding experience? We are there for you.

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Original Ideas

Tailored to Your Needs